What if there was a new way to promote your business through live streaming?

PeriscopeOne evening, my friend had asked me if I had heard of Periscope by Twitter.  I had not.  So, immediately he was eager to show me his new app on his iPad.  He opened up the app and there were multiple live videos to choose from…one was:

“In L.A. recommend any good spots?”

Pop up comments were coming up one after the other.  Some were questions, some were suggestions, some were colorful.  What was fascinating about it was it was all done LIVE.

Like a lot of social media apps, it can be personal. But, how does this apply to businesss?  If done correctly, it could be used as a great marketing tool.  What better way to get feedback from potential clients? Use it to demo a product or explain your service.

Still don’t get it?  It’s basically blending the capabilities of video-conferencing with real-time Twitter feedback—to the entire Periscope world.  Check it out for yourself!



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