Happiness Goggles



So, if you haven’t noticed, one of the obsessions of the Elle of Eight team is obviously happiness. And imagine the joy when stumbling upon this homeopathic potion at the local market! I have NEVER heard of flower remedies for ingestion, but was more than willing to give this Beech remedy a whirl. In case you cannot read the fine print the description on the label states…and I quote, “helps you to be more tolerant and see the positive in others despite their imperfections.” HA! How nice to be able to remain in a “happy state” despite being in the presence of imperfection (a.k.a. mean people, negative nellies, self-absorbed snobs…)

Whether for yourself or a loved one, this little potion could be a good a stocking stuffer. Or, perhaps you can slip it inot your cranky co-worker’s coffee– with permission, of course! Even if it’s a placebo effect, I suppose if the act of using it is still effective, why not. What say you?



5 life skills your child will learn through art



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The Elle of Eight team has been exploring the idea of how impactful art can be on a child’s development. According to a recent article in Huffington Post, art can have a tremendous influence in building life skills.

5 life skills your child will learn through art

  1. Social skills
  2. Cognitive development
  3. Self-expression
  4. Motor development
  5. Inventiveness

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When Work is Meaningful

I often wondered about the recipe for success when building a truly successful company.  And when I say successful, I’m not just talking about revenue dollars, I’m talking about a company working like a fine oiled machine. I’m talking about a high rating of employee feedback.  I am talking about achieving customer satisfaction and still having the ability to grow the business.

In my career, I have had the pleasure of working for a particular company where long hours didn’t bother me, where I knew I wasn’t receiving the highest pay in the industry, and where I was NOT surrounded by Ivy League graduates. Yet, the company thrived in morale and in gross revenue. 

After listening to this Ted Radio Hour about the Meaning of Work, I realized that the company I had worked for practiced some of the suggestions, which was impressed by psychologists who studied up on the subject. I was fascinated by the results of the case studies.

If you are building a business or are in management, I highly recommend that you take a moment to listen how autonomy, respect, ability to learn and bringing meaning to employees can increase productivity…and in turn, increase profits and morale. 

The Ted Radio Hour – “The Meaning of Work”:

Does Hiring Top Dogs (or “top chickens”) Guarantee a Success of a Company?

How Can a Monotonous Job be Meaningful?

What Motivates People to Work?

A Success Story On AN ALL WOMEN Company

What if there was a new way to promote your business through live streaming?

PeriscopeOne evening, my friend had asked me if I had heard of Periscope by Twitter.  I had not.  So, immediately he was eager to show me his new app on his iPad.  He opened up the app and there were multiple live videos to choose from…one was:

“In L.A. recommend any good spots?”

Pop up comments were coming up one after the other.  Some were questions, some were suggestions, some were colorful.  What was fascinating about it was it was all done LIVE.

Like a lot of social media apps, it can be personal. But, how does this apply to businesss?  If done correctly, it could be used as a great marketing tool.  What better way to get feedback from potential clients? Use it to demo a product or explain your service.

Still don’t get it?  It’s basically blending the capabilities of video-conferencing with real-time Twitter feedback—to the entire Periscope world.  Check it out for yourself!

No mo’ phone -ia = Nomophobia


Photo credit: www.nomophobia.com

It’s frightening that there’s a word to describe the anxiety felt from an absence of a mobile phone:


Upon hearing this, I am inspired to revive my rules of HALF-PLUGGING. We hear of “un-plugging,” but honestly, that is just unrealistic and we certainly don’t want to push people over the edge.

A few years ago, I spent 40 days half-plugged. My rules were as such (applied to both mobile phones and tablets):

  • no texting (emails and landline calls acceptable)
  • business emails (checked between 8-6pm only)
  • personal emails (were reviewed during a one hour window at night- to be completed by 8:30pm)
  • news read from the newspaper (and very minimal TV)
  • no streaming movies/tv shows from the smart phone or tablet
  • and, personal social media eliminated for the entire 40-day period

As a result I:

  • narrowed my contact with my social world (which was both positive & negative)
  • my social contact became more personal and meaningful (more face-to-face meetings were made)
  • I had more deep conversations via landline phone (as opposed to a multitude of short texts- which were always enjoyable, but in some ways time consuming)
  • and most importantly, my family was thrilled at my ability to focus on them more closely.

Are you a nomophobe? To find out, read the section about “How nomophobic are you?” found on Today.com’s website. If you find yourself even borderline nomophobic, consider half-plugging.  It could be life changing!