Anne Wojcicki on Daring Greatly


Love this behind the scenes interview with Anne Wojcicki.

Anne Wojcicki, 23andMe’s co-founder and CEO, is one of the four visionaries honored by Cadillac.  Others included daring fashion designer Jason Wu, African internet entrepreneur Njeri Reonge, film director and Oscar nominee Richard Linklater, and the Apple Computer co-founder Steve Wozniack.  More info here.

Have you heard about 23andMe?  It’s a genetic testing firm which offers $99 home-testing kits.  In 2013 the FDA limited the information they can share.  Check out their website here.

Here’s a link to the Cadillac ad that ran during the Oscars.

Do Something


Do  is a great example of a non-profit making a huge difference with teenagers.  They have 3.4 million members tackling a plethora of issues, from poverty to violence to the environment.  They have re calibrated their approach to work with teens and have really made it work.  We can all learn from them.


They are launching over 200 projects annually for members to participate in (up from a previous 30 per year).


They are almost exclusively using texts (the most urgent medium).


They created a CRISIS hotline (“Text” line).


Check out their new book.


By the way, if you are over 26 yrs old, you are considered “old people” in their book.  : )


Mindy Kaling Rocks. (And a clip from American Express Inspiring Women).

I love Mindy Kaling.  I didn’t always.  I found her really annoying in The Office.  But as I witnessed more of her work, I realized that her character, Kelly, had allowances to be both quirky and annoying.  That was when it hit me that Ms. Kaling was a brilliant comedian and writer.

This brief commercial from American Express is profound.  It shares Ms. Kaling’s story and inspires women to go after their dreams.  Kudos to AE for both their marketing efforts and inspirational message.

P.s. I love that she has 2 alarm clocks and grabs jelly beans right before breakfast.