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Welcome to our Elle of Eight (/elé vāt/) blogazine where we aspire to find ways to help you elevate your life both professionally and personally.

We are two female marketing aficionados who are passionate about what we do– whether it’s helping our clients succeed, building our business, raising our children, providing philanthropic work or just trying to be the best we can be.

Almost 4 years ago, we built a small marketing consulting firm specializing in the technology sector.  Today, we are refocusing our brand and energy in order to broaden our services menu.  Our experience in websites, social media and traditional marketing transcends throughout various industries; consumer products, services and more.

Whether you have a small project or a lofty endeavor (personal or professional), this blogazine is meant to inspire you to “go for it!”  We hope that these marketing tips, insights and other random thoughts will help “Elle of Eight” (/elé vāt/) you in your own life and career.

A little about our business name  (which means a lot to us)…  There were hours & nights poured over the process in selecting both our name and logo.  Believe it or not, we almost were, mainly, because of our love for salmon sushi.  LOL!  But seriously, it’s true.  We are both crazy for sushi.  More particularly, salmon!  And ikura is salmon roe.  Mmmmm.  Our mouth waters, just typing about it….but we digress.  After a few days of deliberating, we decided against Ikura  (so not to be confused with the foreign company, Ikura Seiki).  It was a blessing in disguise because we stumbled upon something better:  Elle of Eight.  Being in marketing and promoting marketing services, we wanted a word to convey our desire to promote, lift up, aid and advance any client and friend who seeks our guidance.  Our research kept bringing us back to the word elevate, but we checked and without even looking already knew would be taken.  We loved the word.  We loved the meaning.  We loved that the word had the sound “el” and both our last names started with the letter L.  We loved that the sound “el” could be spelled “elle,” meaning she or her in French.  (And we both love France).  Lastly, we pride ourselves in being a female owned company!  One of us reminded the other that 8,  when turned sideways, is also a symbol of infinity.  It was brilliant.  We represent two females of infinite ideas and possibilities.  That is us.

When you look at our logo, it is no coincidence that

  • Two “L’s” represent each of us and our last names
  • Two circles create both the number 8 and shape of infinity
  • You can see the shape of two “E’s.” (If you look closely at the white space between the L and the 8)
  • The two L’s and two E’s spell the word elle.

AND, between the two of us, we also have 8 people in our families combined (with two children each).

So, that’s a little history of how Elle of Eight came to be.  And, maybe in that story alone you will have gained insight on us and continue to read our “blogazine.”

blogazine – The fusion of the web-based blog and the classic magazine.

-Urban Dictionary 

This is Phase one for us and a simplified format.  Phase two will roll out in 2015.

We invite you to start a conversation on any topic we post.   We look forward to hearing your positive thoughts & commentary.  It will be a pleasure getting to know you.


Kellie & Arlene

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