The Art of Branding – Set yourself apart

There is a line that comes up in my household. It can be harsh and yet we laugh about it because it’s true…”what’s so great about you?” Why do we like this line? Because 1) it grounds us 2) it encourages us to dig deep and embrace our uniqueness and 3) it pushes us to maximize our potential. In business, these are words to live by. When competitors are abundant and capturing marketshare becomes a challenge– know how to set your company apart.

Danielle Guenther of Danielle Guenther Photography does a fabulous job of branding her service.  In the world of photography where competition is fierce, Ms. Guenther differentiates by portrayal.  Where most photographers encourage poses of perfection, Ms. Guenther captures the essence of real family life.  Perfect imperfection:  chaotic, exhausting, comical, distressing, silly, beautiful, and most of all– real.

To read more about branding, here is a great article to help inspire you to maximize your company’s potential.


Credit: Danielle Guenther Photography 

While this article was written to inspire you to properly brand your product and/or service. We also felt that Danielle Guenther is a genius photographer and wanted to showcase her work as “stuff we love.”