Be a People Connector

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This is a great article:  The Key to Luck Is Being a People Connector, by Jocelyn K. Glei

“Every opportunity is attached to a person. Opportunities do not float like clouds in the sky. They’re attached to people. If you’re looking for an opportunity — including one that has a financial payoff — you’re really looking for a person.”  – Ben Casnocha


Do Something


Do  is a great example of a non-profit making a huge difference with teenagers.  They have 3.4 million members tackling a plethora of issues, from poverty to violence to the environment.  They have re calibrated their approach to work with teens and have really made it work.  We can all learn from them.


They are launching over 200 projects annually for members to participate in (up from a previous 30 per year).


They are almost exclusively using texts (the most urgent medium).


They created a CRISIS hotline (“Text” line).


Check out their new book.


By the way, if you are over 26 yrs old, you are considered “old people” in their book.  : )


Marketing for Unique Artisanal Products

Sometimes the hardest part of marketing is knowing where to showcase your products and find your target audience.  Are you a skilled maker, artist or designer, but don’t know how to sell your creations?  If you manufacture custom unique artisanal products, consider applying to be a supplier.  An Internet store that goes beyond the crafty hobbiest.  Check them out here.

Here is a glimpse of a type of product that would meet Makers standards:

What makes a great ad? Let’s look at Superbowl Commercials.

You can never go wrong with an ad that pulls at the heart strings.  They say that children and puppies are ingredients for an effective ad and in the case of Dove Men+Care, I would say Unilever hit a home run (or in this case scored a touchdown) with this Superbowl 2015 commercial.

Not sure if all male viewers felt the same way. While my husband appreciated the Dove commercial, he preferred the spoof on Brady Bunch. I have to admit it was pretty funny. But, after further inquiry about why he liked the ad, he wasn’t entirely sure. He mentioned that he had always liked the Brady Bunch. Then added, has been a fan of Danny Trejo and Steve Buscemi movies. So in essence, if you think about it– the Brady Bunch commercial was nostalgic.

Bottom line is, what makes both commercials noteworthy is the ability to connect to the viewers, emotionally. And that ladies and gentlemen, is a reminder of a key ingredient to a successful ad.